immersive forum | oCT 27, 2016


wE LIVE IN A CITY OF ASPIRATION....What are the inner voices that get in the way of us pursuing our deepest aspirations?

We live in a city of aspiration. We speak about dreams in abundance, yet seldom do people get REAL in public about the vulnerabilities that come with pursuing our dreams.

BeingWith_Dreams is an art and play-fueled evening of real conversation, inspiration, and empowerment for anyone looking to pursue a dream or support another’s.”

Featured content:

  • Spoken word performance by Max Stossel, film by YoYo Lin
  • Personal stories from 3 speakers: a trans-woman who grew up Ultra-Orthodox and risked it all to change her identity; a successful entrepreneur struggling for courage as a father; A first time politician and candidate for New Jersey Governor 2018.
  • • The“Dream Exchange,” a game-like activity that allows strangers to probe and transform their inner narratives around their dreams, using data visualization.
  • Meditation/ Visualization with electronic sound bath