BeingWith was launches in March 2016 with our first event, BEINGWITH_Illness. The concept was born out of a documentary film project in December 2015. Hannah Roodman, the Founder and Executive Director of BeingWith, was documenting the recovery process of her best friend, Chana Raskin's recovery from a traumatic brain injury. 

The filmmaking process had a life-changing impact on both Chana and Hannah. For Chana, the ability to share her vulnerability with others through her story and witness the impact that it had on the films' audience was deeply empowering. For Hannah, it was transformational to witness the profound courage and beauty of Chana's vulnerability, and it inspired the idea for BeingWith: to create space in society for these feedback loops: for people to listen to and learn from each other's healing process.


Watch the film, Healing is a Wave.